Review of World Events

Still working on updating the brickwork, walkway by walkway. Almost done! Here’s a little preview:


The process of lining the walkways with layers of newspaper appears to be working. This post describes the beginning. What I hadn’t expected was the tedious process of laying the sections out so they form a uniform base. BTW, re-doing the south walk, I realized why this works: the newspaper becomes a layer of paper mache!

What I also hadn’t anticipated is the review of world events that go into the mindless layering. For example, on the south walk underneath the brick are layers of stories on the Boston bombers, Alec Baldwin’s media blitz for “Orphans,” the 17-day survivor of the Bangladesh building collapse, and most recently, the little boy fleeing the carnage of another bombing in Kabul. I have no desire to join the world-is-moving-so-fast / TMI whining crowd, but I am aware of the impact of reviewing these stories, in the garden, and slowly.

My heart goes out to the scared children and those who suffer. While China is on a debt binge and Google and Apple continue their megalithic climbs for industry dominance, I quietly layer the news to buffer weeds and level my walkways. But not without sending out heartfelt wishes to those who cry and ache for an easier life. Thanks, J-J, for helping me gather the news.


2 thoughts on “Review of World Events

  1. All that news is better off being buried anyway. We need to know what goes on but not to dwell on it. I’m happy the paper its written on has been put to good use!!

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