The Garden

I’ve always strived for a mature garden. Ten years (+ or minus a few) and I thought after purchasing my little house my garden would be fully established. My naiveté knows no limits! And, the garden keeps teaching me lessons about seasons, growth, elements and life in general.

Here’s a quick timeline:

1997 – purchased my little home.

Even though the house is an old fishing shack from the 1940s, with add-ons over the years, no previous owner had done much except grass.

1998 – more foundation plantings and a small bed in the backyard for flowers. Discovered we have deer.

1999 – Damn deer eat everything. I need a fence!

2002 – married King Paulie who started various fence projects.

2005 – major renovations begun in the fall. We added a basement crawl space and about 300 sq ft which required big equipment and lots of digging.

2006 – This was a non-gardening summer. No water or electricity all summer long. Lost a lot of plants from drying up and having earth heaped upon them.

2008 – Got a grown up fence on the “trailerman” side!

2009 – various fence breaches from winter snows. Finally got 4 fence sides! Yippee!

2013 – the season begins…


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